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Server Relaunched


- All Characters and Guilds have been deleted (Fresh start)
- Resets Disabled
- Vote system disabled (donate credits for x Shop only available)
- Arena spots updated
- All accounts have been rewarded with 150 Credits for x Shop

Max Level 400
Points default 5/7
Exp 75x






Added on : 24 / Sep / 2018 , 01:24 PM

Using our Cash Shop and how to get Credits!

How to use Exp Boost,Double Drop,Tickets and Misc
from our x CashShop in-game.
1. Donate for credits:
2. go in game and click X on your keyboard
(Must be in Lorencia/Devias/Noria - Safe Zone Only)
3. Make sure you have enough Credits, and buy the seals,tickets,misc items u need!
4. Click purchase button and enjoy instantly!
PS: View the pictures below for more informative detailed information about the x Cash Shop items.

We hope you enjoy this feature!
Added on : 24 / Sep / 2018 , 01:21 PM
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